Top new Android applications (July 2014)

Tweet We’ve seen many applications launched in July and have picked 5 of those for you. You won’t find games on this list though, we’ve already compiled a list of top new games for July a few days ago. Let’s get started (in no particular order)… Commandr Commandr is basically an addition to Google Now, it boosts the service significantly and ... Read More »

Price of Karbon A50S causes turmoil in UK Press

Tweet Brits asking why iPhone is £549 and the A50S just £26? A50S – cat amongst pigeons The British newspaper, the Daily Mail, (see here)  has managed to set the cat amongst the pigeons with a story about an Indian made handset – the Karbon A50S.  It compared the Indian smartphone against Apple’s finest and asks why one is priced ... Read More »

Plastic Moto 360 rumors spark concerns

Tweet Announce a product, then don’t release it for a while, and rumors are bound to descend. Just look at Samsung and its Tizen-running Samsung Z, and how off-the-rails that whole project feels like it’s gone in the weeks following the phone’s initial introduction. Motorola’s generally done a pretty job at preventing similar gossip from consuming the Moto 360, itself ... Read More »

Find and review with Yelp [App of the Day]

Tweet Similar to Around Me, Yelp allows you to find restaurants, bars, movie theaters and more. But only Yelp will provide you with quality reviews from people like you looking for the best place. Not only can you find reviews for places, you can write the reviews yourself and post photos of your experience there for others to check out. ... Read More »