U.S. Cellular debuts $50 ‘unlimited’ no-contract plan


U.S. Cellular on Friday introduced a new no-contract plan which offers unlimited voice, messaging, and 500MB of 3G/4G data for $ 50 per month. Yes, it’s billed as “unlimited” but that’s because you can go over the allotted data. Doing so, however, sees your speeds throttled over the rest of the billing period. You can, of course, opt for the next plan up which provided 2GB data for $ 65 per month.

Along with this plan, the company is offering the ZTE Director for $ 49.99, the 4G LTE Kyocera Hydro XTRM and  4G LTE Samsung Axiom for $ 129.99 and the 4G LTE Moto X for $ 299.99 with instant rebates. Additional 4G LTE devices are also available with this no contract plan

To learn more about the new no-contract offerings, including the limited time promo, check out U.S. Cellular’s website.

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