Cortana gets featured in video hands-on

Of all that’s coming with the arrival of Windows Phone 8.1, there are few features we’re anticipating quite so much as Microsoft’s “Cortana” voice-powered search and virtual assistant. Thanks to recent leaks, we’ve been forming a more cohesive picture of just what sort of abilities Cortana may arrive with, and only last night were checking out some new screenshots and reports about its functionality. Today we’re ready to up the ante, getting to see Cortana on video.

Bad news first: we don’t get to hear Cortana speak, nor do we see any queries actually being performed – if we had to guess, we’d blame that on necessary back-end server support from Microsoft not yet being publicly accessible. What we can see, however, is how Cortana is triggered, as well as some of the setup phase – that includes a number of questions to give Cortana a sense of what sort of things interest you, as well as a list of the sort of data sources Cortana will turn to for populating its “Notebook” with relevant personal info.

It feels like we’re 90% of the way there, but we’re still anxious to get our first look at a fully-functional Cortana in action – with any luck, it should be just a matter of weeks.

Source: Unleashthephones
Via: WMPoweruser


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