GoMo attempts to back Derby winner by mobile

Not having much luck with these betting apps

at least this app worked

Besides viewing porn, of course, the one activity which mobile subscribers would persist in attempting to use the mobile internet for was placing bets. Hence, ever since the earliest days of WAP, the crew here at GoMo Towers have attempting to discover just how easy it currently is to place a bet on a horse race. And what better day to do it than today [June 7th 2014] when just down the road on Epsom Downs one of the UK’s most famous horse races will take place – the Derby. Did we find it any easier this year? No, we didn’t.

Our first attempt involved the turf accounting firm of Ladbrokes which we regard as having striven to make up ground in the mobile area which it had lost to rivals.

For testing purposes we decided to stick with a regular Android handset – our trusty Motorola Moto G. We tried Google Play and the Ladbrokes app weren’t anywhere to be seen.

So we went onto 1Mobilemarket.com and downloaded the Labrokes app from there.

Although using Paypal to secure the funds to bet would have seemed logical for a mobile phone user, we don’t trust that company because it isn’t regulated as a UK bank.

Instead we tried to sign up with a regular debit card from HSBC. Would the app accept our details? No, it wouldn’t.

So we tried downloading the Ladbrokes “Sport” app instead. Why the company has at least two UK apps we don’t know but again it wouldn’t accept our debit card.

In the end, GoMo News decided to try an alternative Android app from Betfred and we were impressed with the payment options which this app offered.

In addition to the usual credit/debit card options, the Bfred app also supports Ukash (a prepaid Mastercard); Moneybookers; and Neteller.

The Betfred app which is actually listed on Google Play as “Bfred Mobile App” and can be downloaded from here.

Unlike the Ladbrokes app, we were able to sign up to Betfred using an HSBC debit card but found the process somewhat confusing.

The app actually takes you onto the mobile Net using the browser of your choice and somehow during the complicated sign up process we lost the free £10 bet to which we were entitled as first time mobile users.

Not that impressive. We also couldn’t make the £5 each way bet * on the horse Kingston Hill which we wished to do with our deposited £10 of funds.

*SILLY US. a £5 EACH WAY BET IS £10! We’re real amateur gamblers.

The idea was to use the other £5 to place on Geoffrey Chaucer to win. However, the app simply place the whole £10 on the first bet for Kingston Hill.

So. At least in 2014 we managed to place a bet without having to make any phone calls to help centres, for example.

However, in terms of user friendliness these apps need improving. We suspect these betting firms only test the apps on hardened gamblers.

For example, the Bfred app listed the Epsom races. But we had to guess that the Derby was actually the race it listed as happening at 4pm.

How difficult would it have been to put the single word ‘Derby’ against that particular entry?

Tony is currently Editor of GoMobile News. He’s a veteran telecoms journalist who has previously worked for major printed and online titles. Follow him on Twitter @GoMoTweet.

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