FiftyThree’s “Surface Pressure” pencil brings back joy of drawing to iOS 8 devices


Drawing with a digital stylus can hardly replicate real pencil tips, but artists and pencil lovers might find the new technology behind FiftyThree’s Bluetooth Pencil as close to the real thing as digitally possible. All you have to do is angle the stylus and line thickness is matched. It’s like using a real drawing tip, but with a digital stylus, which typically does not register 3-dimensional pressure:

Pencil’s tapered tip was inspired by the expressive richness of real pencil points, which allow creators to change the character of the line with the angle of the tip. With Surface Pressure you’ll be able to control the lines you create based on how much of Pencil’s tip or eraser is in contact with your iPad. Use the point for fine details or the angled edge for broad strokes. Surface Pressure unlocks new capabilities for each of Paper‘s tools—fill faster as you draw, shade as you sketch, or carve away in varying widths as you erase.

Stay in the flow and change drawing styles simply by changing the way you hold Pencil—no stopping to fuss with the settings menu. This new feature is unique to Pencil and will be unlocked for all existing Pencil users with an update to Paper this Fall.

For users already familiar with FiftyThree’s beautifully designed Pencil stylus and Paper app, the new update to Pencil cannot come sooner, but you still have to wait for the release of iOS 8 this fall.

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