Guest Post: How to make Craigslist ad design mobile friendly

by Vani Gundara, founder of DesignSpinners

There are an estimated six billion active smartphone users worldwide, all of whom could potentially be targeted by posting an ad on Craigslist. Better still, most users visit the ad not to research, but to buy. Therefore, it makes sense to tailor a marketing strategy to the owners of handheld and laptop devices. Initally clicking on the ads on Craigslist will show that most of them look the same – all text-based. While this is not an entirely bad thing – because it aims to go right to the point, many customers would like to see more. So, in order to make your Craigslist ad design better for visitors and potential buyers, here are my tips that will help make the ad more mobile friendly and effective.

1. Choose the appropriate size

Mobile users can pinch, zoom, and scroll using their devices to change image size.

However, this is not what they want. What they  really require is an ad that will give them all that they’like view to see in one go.

Too much scrolling and zooming will drive the visitor away. In this case, therefore, it’s best for the ad to fit correctly on the mobile device, but make sure the text is readable so they do not have to pinch more than usual.

2. Be visual

As mentioned previously, most of the posts on Craigslist are just text. If you want to grab attention, dare to be different!

For example, use photos and even videos that will showcase just how the company or product will benefit the customers.

Once again, make sure that the images fit the mobile screen. Typically, the image should not be more than 620 x 412 pixels.

3. Know the limitations

A little creativity will definitely take ad posts to a much higher level. However, using too many pictures or adding a long video that takes forever to load, this will not attract potential customers at all.

Also, when putting captions on photos, don’t be tempted to type a novel. The goal is to have a mobile-friendly post and mobile users have no time to read through a lengthy description.

To make life much easier, search for a company that has creates an effective Craigslist ad design. Such a designer should be able to:

  • Make the ad and brand stand out
  • Listen to the client’s own preferences regarding the ad
  • Create an SEO friendly post that is viewable on all mobile platforms
  • Increase revenues without charging the client more than is affordable

So, if you’re after a striking Craigslist ad that will create leads every single day, consider a specialist such as my own company -DesignSpinners.
Author Biog

The author, Vani Gundara, is the founder and creative director at DesignSpinners – a web designing and web service company. Design Spinners is located in Los Angeles, California but works with teams across the United States od America as well as internationally.

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