HTC One M8 for Windows Phone featured in leaked Verizon poster

Tomorrow is August 19, which means that HTC’s next press event is nearly upon us. While the company hasn’t out and confirmed what it will be announcing, nor does the event invitation itself hint at the product to expect, a number of signs have been pointing to the company revealing a Windows Phone-running version of its Android One M8. The latest bit of circumstantial evidence turns up at this late hour, with the release of an image showing off some in-store Verizon promotional material for a WP8 One M8.

We spot a couple things of interest here. First is that name, and there’s no HTC One W8 or even big formal “HTC One M8 for Windows Phone;” instead, we just have the One M8, with the almost parenthetical aside “available now on Android or Windows.” Considering the over-the-top branding we’ve seen in the past (Windows Phone 8X by HTC), that’s a refreshing change of pace.

We also finally get to see a render of this phone without the weird misaligned bottom speaker grille. That initially appeared in that first render spotted on Verizon’s servers, and had continued to appear in more recent imagery. Finally, this returns us to a WP8 One M8 that matches the Android One M8′s hardware.

Check back with us tomorrow morning for full coverage of HTC’s announcement, when hopefully we get some confirmation of these launch plans, and find out if we’re really looking at a Verizon exclusive.


Source: WPCentral


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