Copper Sony Xperia Z3, SmartBand Talk leaked in press images

The Sony event at the Berlin IFA 2014 is just hours away, and the leaks keep on coming, trying to anticipate even more of what we’ll probably see. Yesterday we’ve seen an alleged picture of the Sony Xperia Z3, with a spec-sheet glued to its back; that piece of paper, among specs, also mentioned a copper flavor, alongside black and white, and it’s that exact new variant seems to have leaked today, in the images above and below.

There’s little to see here, aside from the new copper Sony Xperia Z3, but the image below also seems to feature a fourth color; call it yellow, green, or lime, it looks to be something we’ve not seen before, for a nice line-up of colored Xperia Z3 devices.

Additionally, the press shot leaked also unveils a new wearable accessory pictured below. It appears to feature a curved e-ink display, and the report claims that we’re likely looking at the “SmartBand Talk”. It will all become official later today, and we encourage you to keep checking back for our full hands-on and comparison coverage from Berlin.


Source: XperiaBlog


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