Watch out for NFC in Apple’s product announcements

Finally to do a U-turn about a technology it didn’t invent

Until today, Cupertino-based Apple has been pretty vocal in its dismissal of NFC [Near Field Communication] as a key technology in the mobile space. GoMo News has always maintained that Apple was instead keen on pumping up its AirDrop (Wi-fi based) technology instead. Comments by Apple’s Phil Schiller have always been taken to mean that the company has on intention of incorporating it. But the rumour mill insists NFC will be inside the iPhone 6 and maybe even an iWatch. According to Ovum, Apple might complete a full U-turn and make the NFC sector its own!

Eden Zoller, a principal analyst, with Ovum, commented, “If Apple is forming alliances with major card schemes and riding on contactless rails then embracing NFC is a pragmatic move.”

She continued, “We would expect Apple to prove highly effective at marketing NFC to consumers, creating awareness and excitement around NFC capabilities in a way others have so far failed to do.”

Zoller added, “This is turn could help ignite merchant interest in NFC, that so far has remained cool due to lack of consumer uptake.”

Now Apple is rumoured to have been in discussions with major financial institutions to make mobile payments are more widespread. Presumably by using NFC.

The list includes Visa, Mastercard and Amex.

However, GoMo News believes the original clue came some time back when Brightwire reported a a deal between Apple and China UnionPay so that customers could use the latter’s ‘QuickPass’ POS machines in China. Using NFC, of course.

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