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Moto X+1 gets detailed in in-depth video leak

What a better way to start September off than with a juicy leak of the soon-to-be-unveiled successor to the Moto X. Today a supposed Moto X+1 video leak has hit the web, and it lines up with everything we’ve seen before – and a lot of what we’re expecting to see – though there are still questions being asked.

The leak comes to us from TK Tech News, which has been hit-or-miss but relatively accurate with previous Motorola leaks (like the one where the Moto Luge was brought to light). The leak itself unfortunately doesn’t tell us as much as we’d like, but we do get a few critical bits of information. First of all, that Motorola logo dimple on the back is apparently a power button, and its’ color is supposedly customizable through Moto Maker.

The flash is apparently part of the camera itself, as a plastic tube that goes around the main sensor. Speaking of that camera, this leak says that it will have optical image stabilization abilities.

The X+1 pictured in this video is apparently made of a bamboo material with an aluminum trim, and it sure looks that way. It seems logical that those two things could be customized through Moto Maker as well.

Hopping on into the software, the thing we most care about is an app called Moto Aware, which looks to show up as just “Moto” on the home screen. Details are scarce on exactly what this thing does, but it’s speculated that the sensors on the front of the phone could be related to it – another of TK Tech News‘s sources says that the sensors are used for a 3D-like effect similar to the one on the Fire Phone, so we’re hearing conflicting reports here.

Finally, Moto Maker options are seemingly confirmed. TK Tech News says that they were able to confirm build materials “Such as Aluminum frame, Wood, Plastic, Leather, Denim, and yes a later edition will be ALL CARBON FIBER, (This reportedly is a VERIZON Exlusive for the holidays).” Based on this, we’re assuming that leather and denim options will be available through Moto Maker from the get-go.

Source: TK Tech News


Did HTC just leak its smartwatch on its own video?

With rumors of HTC working on new categories like tablets and wearables, it’s only a matter of time before more credible data surfaces. The company has found some new air with the launch of the HTC One (M8), so this would be the smartest time to expand its mindshare through other well-made products in different categories. The company has just launched an HTC Design video showcasing the mentality that drives the its design, and whether intentional or non intentional, the company seems to have just leaked its smartwatch.

In the following video you can slide to the 35-second mark and notice that on the designer’s table there are two docs, one that is empty, and one that clearly shows a smartwatch being tested on the dock. At another point at the 43-second mark you can also notice that a designer is rendering what seems to be a squared smartwatch on his computer display as well. Sadly these minor leaks don’t give us much detail on what to expect for the future of HTC wearables, but it does show us that the company does have one in mind.

We’ll keep you posted as more rumors emerge, though we do worry about the fact that Android Wear is still not something we can fully praise in our own review. Hopefully this doesn’t affect HTC’s plans to launch a smartwatch this year.


HTC Volantis (Nexus 9 aka Flounder) tablet could pack 5GB of RAM, leak says

htc volantis macro shot

We’ve seen HTC Volantis/Flounder/Nexus 9 (whatever you want to call it) leak on several occasions. First we’ve seen the render of the device plus a revealing list of specifications, after which a document leaked containing the codename “Flounder”. New rumors are in, this time courtesy of a trusted leaker, @evleaks (as was the mentioned document).

This time around we get an alleged macro shot of the device along with a list of its specifications, though they’re somewhat different from the ones leaked before. According to @evleaks earlier concepts/renders were fake and this is the real deal. So, the leaker says that the device will sport a silver aluminum unibody construction. As for specifications, the device will feature a 64-bit Tegra K-1 processor, 5GB of DDR3 RAM (OMG, although he says this is not final), an 8.9″ 2560×1600 display and a 64GB of internal storage. The leaker is not sure whether the device will sport a 5MP or 8MP camera. He claims BoomSound speakers will also be a part of the package.

This is a lot to take in. 5GB of RAM? Damn. The leak says that’s not final, but still, that would be weird and extremely nice at the same time. We like what we see, how about you?

Source: @evleaks


iPhone 6 prototype, Google Nexus 6 leak, 64-bit Android & more – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the new Galaxy S5 LTE-A variant, aside from a new Galaxy S5 Sport that Samsung has announced. Microsoft then takes over as we talk about the new enhancements to OneDrive. Apple follows as we see some leaks of an iPhone 6, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display prototype with Touch ID. Google then takes the spotlight as reports continue of a Google Nexus 6 in the works. We end today’s show talking about the future of Android, and what innovations we can expect.

All this and more after the break.

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New iPhone 6 hardware shots seemingly leak, as rumored features get detailed

We’re no strangers to iPhone 6 pics at this point, having seen our share of schematics, renders, dummy phones, and images of apparent handset components. Just how much of all this is based in fact and will reflect the design Apple ultimately delivers remains to be seen, but today we get to check out a few new shots of a handset frame that emerged over the weekend, as well as hear the latest rumors about what to expect from the fully-assembled phone.

There’s nothing too controversial about these images, which line up pretty nicely with the sort of thing we’ve been seeing so far: a super-slim metal design with a few changes from the 5S, like moving the handset’s power button down to the side.

The more interesting part are these rumors about what the iPhone 6 might be capable of doing. We hear that NFC may finally make an appearance, with mobile payments being one of the core use cases Apple prepares for. The smartphone’s radio could see an upgrade, and while it wouldn’t be full-on LTE Advanced like we find on newer some Android models, the step up to a category 6 LTE radio could still deliver significant speed improvements.

And just like with NFC, Apple may have finally come around to acknowledging the appeal of wireless chargers, and could build such support into the iPhone 6. It’s not clear which standard Apple would support (even if there is cause to believe the wireless charging format war may soon become a moot point), but it’s reportedly close to deciding on one or another. Finally, there’s word that not only are we looking at larger displays (4.7 and 5.5 inches) and higher resolutions (1704 x 960), but higher screen-to-face ratios as well, meaning a shrunken-down bezel. While not all of these claims are new, they sure add up to one (or two, we suppose) very compelling-sounding smartphone(s).

iphone-6-case-hw-2Source: Venture Beat, Xiao Long Tea House
Via: 9to5 Mac 1,2


Alleged Samsung Galaxy F render and photo leak, show premium metal device

Despite being shot down multiple times already, rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, or a Galaxy F, are still flying. We recently saw two more leaks, both from the same source, adding on to the fire — we now have an alleged render, some possible specs, and even more.

The first image — available at the first source link below — is a shot (blurry, of course) of the front of the alleged device. It looks similar to the Galaxy S5, and that’s all we really have to see about it. The interesting part of this leak, which @evleaks notes is an “UNCONFIRMED, UNVERIFIED, UNSUBSTANTIATED” tip sent to him, is that possible specifications of this Galaxy F have dropped, along with juicy details regarding possible Samsung plans.

First of all, the device is expected to have a Quad HD 5.3″ display, and run on a Snapdragon 805 SoC from Qualcomm. It will also purportedly be the replacement to the Galaxy S line, a move which we wouldn’t put past Samsung. This means that there would be no Galaxy S6, as if we weren’t sad enough already about the possibility of seeing no Nexus 6 as well. We would apparently see the smartphone launched at a “Samsung Unpacked Ep. 2″ event.

The second leak adds in the render you see above, which clearly shows we’re dealing with a metal-like backing unlike the Galaxy S5, along with returning features such as the heart rate monitor and the company’s TouchWiz software skin.

Keep in mind that these rumors are unconfirmed, even by @evleaks, so we remain skeptical. Would anyone be interested in purchasing this Galaxy F, instead of a Galaxy S6?

Sources: @evleaks 1, 2


New iPhone 6 leak suggests WWDC announcement

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has historically been mainly centered around software, which explains why we’re expecting to see iOS 8 and an updated Mac OS X at the event. However, we do know to expect new hardware, so why not an iPhone 6? This alleged WWDC presentation states that this could be a possibility.

The video, republished by Steve Hemmerstoffer of Nowhereelse.fr, shows what looks to be the interior of a Moscone West room (the WWDC venue) and a presentation rehearsal for the keynote. We get three different angles of this alleged new iPhone 6 model, and all line up with what we are looking to expect.

First of all, the corners are more rounded than what is found on the iPhone 5s. Also, the device itself looks to be metallic, which would suggest this is not some sort of 5c upgrade. Taking a look at the mugshot of the rear of the device, pictured above, the cutout for the antennas at the bottom are unlike what we’ve seen on iPhones thus far.

Finally, this model looks incredibly similar to mockup models we have seen delivered to several notable people.

Anyone think we could be seeing this device unveiled on Monday? Let us know down in the comments.


Images leak of the monstrous Samsung Galaxy Mega 2

Yesterday’s rumors of a monstrous 7-inch phone crossing by the FCC for approval were clearly on to something. We mocked how much bigger this phone was when compared to the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, and as it turns out, it is bigger for a reason. If you thought Samsung was done trying to make your current phone look tiny, think again.

We get the first leaked photos of the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2, which as it turns out, is that 7-inch phone that crossed the FCC yesterday. The design clearly resembles the old Galaxy Mega, but with a mix of Galaxy Note 3 thanks to its faux leather back. So far, the specifications that we talked about yesterday remain the same. We should expect a 720p resolution display powered by a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, which might be a Snapdragon 400, 1.5GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel rear camera, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, 8GB of storage expandable via a microSD slot.

Samsung’s June 12th event could shed some light on this device, though with such a large footprint, it’ll need a big light.

Source: Ortud.com
Via: GSMArena


Galaxy Tab S leak finally shows OLED screen powered-on

In a little over two weeks, Samsung is holding its Galaxy Premiere event, and unless we’re being intentionally misled, we’re likely to see the debut of Samsung’s next family of tablets, the Galaxy Tab S series featuring bright, high-saturation OLED displays. Now, a lot of information about these tablets has already arrived, and we’ve even checked out pics of the actual hardware thanks to the FCC, but so far one key detail has eluded us: seeing these OLED screens in action. And really, isn’t that the whole point of these models? Well, it’s still a little difficult to appreciate the LCD/OLED difference with everything filtered through another screen like this, but today we get what may be our first look at one of these Tab S models in action, OLED display and all.

Unsurprisingly, what we get here seems quite bright and colorful, but it’s just so hard to really make the benefits of OLED components stand out without an A/B comparison. The tablet itself appears to match our expectations well enough, aligning with the layout we saw in those FCC pics, so we’re inclined to believe this may well be the real deal.

Beyond that new pic, we also see Samsung prepping for the tablet’s launch, and the manufacturer has prepared support pages for the SM-T800 (the 10.5-inch model) on a couple of its international sites. There’s nothing much of note there, aside from the fact that Samsung is hosting these pages at all.

Source: SamMobile, Samsung
Via: SammyToday


Moto X+1 codename and US carriers leak


The infamous @evleaks has done it again and this time it concerns Motorola’s upcoming flagship, Moto X+1.  Below is his tweet:

Motorola Moto X+1 goes by codename Victara, and — no surprise here — is slated for sale by all four national carriers.

No details have leaked as far as specs, but I am sure it will come with many customizing options like its little brother, the Moto X.  Motorola has slated the device for a late summer debut, so there is plenty of time for more rumors and pictures to leak out.

Via: Pocketnow Soucre: Evleaks

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