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QVIVO relaunches as free, unlimited media cloud storage service


Are you tired of paying for your cloud media storage? If so, QVIVO hopes you’ll give its service a try, as its newly re-launched platform gives users unlimited cloud media storage – for free – for life.

The platform focuses on storing and streaming media, like television shows, home videos, music files and pictures. It organizes items based on type into specific cloud media libraries, which can then be streamed to iOS and Android devices via free apps.

QVIVO is supported by a $ 1 million angel round of funding led by SingTel, and is currently seeking additional funding. The platform has been built from the ground up, and doesn’t rely on any third party, such as Amazon or Google, to host its service.

While the platform’s unlimited cloud storage is available for free, users have access to five hours of free media streaming each month, before being asked to upgrade. The QVIVO Unlimited in-app purchase is available for $ 9.99 on iOS, or users can unlock a free month by inviting five new friends to join the service. All users have premium accounts during QVIVO’s initial beta period.

“We believe the pay-per-gigabyte model is broken and interrupts the seamless user experience cloud storage services were designed for.” says Liam McCallum, Founder and CEO. “Today, we’re disrupting this model.”

In addition to personal media streaming, users can connect to Facebook to invite their friends to a personal circle. These users can enjoy their friends’ media in the same way.

“Your friends and family and now at the heart of your QVIVO experience” adds McCallum. “Your media is presented as an unlimited wall of content that you, your friends and your family can all enjoy seamlessly.”

QVIVO is available on the web, as well as iOS. The new Android app is coming soon.

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Software testing company uTest relaunches as Applause, acquires TestHub


Software testing company uTest has relaunched as Applause. The updated company has expanded its focus to “360 degree app quality,” offering in-the-wild testing of products so developers can maximize their app quality across a variety of factors. In addition, the company has announced its acquisition of German crowd-testing company Testhub, which will become Applause’s European base of operations, Applause EU.

Combined, Applause and TestHub have seven years of crowd-testing experience, and have access to over 140,000 testers from 200 countries and territories. The pair has worked with thousands of clients, including Google, Amazon, USA Today and Netflix, and has generated over 1 million test reports in total.

On its own, Applause has raised $ 80 million in funding since 2008, and has grown to 160 employees across North America and Europe.

The company’s focus on real-world testing for web, desktop and mobile apps sees developers testing their software outside of a lab, in real-world scenarios. In doing so, the products receive testing beyond a basic functional level, with additional focus placed on localization testing, software usability (are apps intuitive), load and security testing for consumer privacy.

In addition, the company provides a mobile SDK for crash and bug reporting, gathering user feedback and more for iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps. A Mobile Analytics dashboard allows app developers to monitor their apps across all major app stores, providing a complete view of their app from development to launch and beyond.

“Web, mobile and wearable applications – and the quality of these digital experiences – are the gateway to brands and businesses. This new ideal of 360 degree app quality is the best way for companies to differentiate themselves, and win in the highly competitive apps economy,” said Applause CEO Doron Reuveni.

“And modern app quality is no longer just a developer or QA problem; it’s a CIO problem, a marketing problem, a sales problem and a CEO problem.  As Applause, we bring together a range for testing services and app quality tools to enable companies to achieve this.”

The company’s products are modular, so developers can purchase the tools they need and skip the items they don’t. More information on Applause’s platform is available on the company’s website.

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Kobo relaunches Windows 8 eBook app, Windows Phone 8 to follow

Published by at 10:14 UTC, March 6th 2014

Kobo Inc. today relaunched the Windows 8 version of its eBook reading app and also plans to release a Windows Phone version of the app later this spring. The apps are described as enabling readers to “access all the features they love on their Kobo device right on their Windows notebook, tablet or desktop”.

Kobo provide a full service eBook experience, similar to the part Microsoft owned nook and Amazon’s Kindle, with the ability to browse, buy, and download eBooks and other digital content. Depending on the country in which you use the app there is access to up to 4 million titles in the Kobo eBookstore, from best-sellers to classic and comics. 

Key reading features include the ability to sync bookmark pages and reading position to the cloud (multi-device support), a “night mode” that enables a softer background light, and the ability to customise the look and size of text. The Windows app include an exclusive feature, the ability to pin content to the Start screen for easy access.


From the Kobo press release:

This spring Kobo will introduce the Kobo eReading app for Windows Phone to its line-up of top ranked applications. The Windows Phone experience will operate with the same functions as the Windows App for notebooks, tablets and desktops, offering the best content and experience to its readers.

The Windows 8 app is available for download now from the Windows Store. The Windows Phone 8 version of the app is expected to follow some time in the next month or so. For Windows Phone users this will provide an alternative to Amazon’s Kindle app and for existing Kobo device owners it will extend their reading experience to their Windows Phone device.

It’s notable that nook, a Kobo competitor, has yet to release a Windows Phone app. That’s despite a $ 300 million investment by Microsoft as part of strategic partnership with nook’s parent company Barnes & Noble.

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Adeven relaunches as Adjust, announces improved mobile analytics solution


Mobile app tracking and analytics company Adeven has announced its major rebranding initiative, changing its name to Adjust, and announcing the launch of a new feature set to its product. The Adjust platform focuses on re-engagement targeting, and looks to move beyond just tracking app download numbers, but to analyze how consumers use apps after the initial download.

The Adjust platform offers support for “deep-linking,” tracking of users in re-engagement campaigns, and support for all networks currently providing re-engagement, including Facebook. This deep-linking support allows campaigns to include links that either open targeted apps, or redirect users to app stores to install apps not currently on a device.

In addition, brands and marketers can use Adjust to track how customers use applications after download, including tracking the average session length, number of times logged into an app, and more. The real-time analysis allows marketers to alter their campaigns in response to data, and also shows which sources have provided the most valuable users.

“No one cares about app download numbers any more. In 2014 it is far more important for publishers to understand what users do after download, and that is what our new features provide in crystal-clear detail,” said Christian Henschel, CEO of Adjust.

“With our new cohort analysis capabilities, publishers will be able to track exactly what works in marketing to, or engaging with, tightly defined groups. We have already seen this drive significant increases in monetization and improvements in user acquisition efficiency during beta trials with publishers.”

More information on Adjust’s platform is available on its website.

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