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Galaxy Note Edge: features explained (Video)

You’ve heard the rumors about a Samsung phone with an over-the-edge display. Earlier this week, you even saw that model go official, as the company launched its Galaxy Note Edge. And in the time since, you’ve had the chance to hear some opinions on the phablet’s design, as well as check out our first hands-on look. But are you still having a little trouble wrapping your ahead around just how this fancy edge business works, and what it really means for the phone’s usability? Pull up a seat, because we’re about to to give you a crash course on just what the Edge’s curved screen can do.

You may be wise to the curve’s role in providing media playback controls, or maybe displaying notifications, but were you aware it can act as a ruler in a pinch? We go over the unusual screen’s various features, like giving you a shortcut to launching apps, as well as the numerous customization options Samsung has delivered to let you make the Note Edge your own.

It may be too soon to say how much the curved screen adds to the day-to-day user experience – for that, we’ll want to spend a lot more time with the Note Edge for our in-depth review – but for a general overview of what you can expect from this odd feature, click on through to the video below.


Samsung Galaxy Tab Active hands-on (Video)

Well before IFA came along, Samsung was already a tablet juggernaut this year. We saw the launches of multiple Galaxy Tab 4, TabPRO, and most recently Tab S models, so it wouldn’t be crazy to assume that Samsung would take a little tablet break, focusing more on its new handsets and wearables. Then again, this is Samsung we’re talking about, a company that can’t seem to go a week without launching a new product, so when we saw it go ahead and introduce the Galaxy Tab Active earlier this week, it’s not like we could act surprised. We took a couple minutes at IFA 2014 to go hands-on with this guy and see what makes it tick.

The hardware that powers the Tab Active isn’t too exciting, much closer to a Tab 4 than a Tab S, but that’s not why anyone’s going to be buying this thing; they’re here for the rugged design. That protects the tablet against drops and environmental damage, while features like its stylus (even if it is a capacitive one) and support for quick charging cradles help expand its usefulness out in the field.

As a business-focused tablet, the Tab Active may not be a model you’ll consider buying, but if you’re as curious about new tablets as we are, that doesn’t mean this slate isn’t worth at least taking a look at. Check out the video to see what we found.


Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact hands-on (Video)

“But Sony, you make big tablets!” The Tablet Z, Xperia Z2 Tablet – even old models like the Xperia Tablet S all came in well north of nine inches. Perhaps the Tablet P bucks the trend, but with its weird dual 5.5-inch folding layout, it hardly seems like it should count at all. But now Sony has come to IFA 2014 with an eminently portable tablet, the eight-inch Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact. Come with us as we go hands-on with the Android slate.

Like its 10.1-inch predecessors, this guy is thin. Measuring-in at just 6.4mm thick, the Z3TC (as the cool kids call it) still boasts a 4500mAh battery. The eight-inch screen manages a better-than-1080p 1920 x 1200 resolution, complete with all of Sony’s TRILUMINOS goodness. Of course, it’s difficult to convey just how nice a display looks when you’re viewing it through your own computer’s monitor, so that’s why we’re on the show floor in Berlin to give you our first-hand impressions.

Throw in a little waterproofing, some compatibility with PlayStation 4 streaming, and you’re looking at a pretty nice little package. Check our the clip below to get caught-up with what we saw.


Moto X+1 gets detailed in in-depth video leak

What a better way to start September off than with a juicy leak of the soon-to-be-unveiled successor to the Moto X. Today a supposed Moto X+1 video leak has hit the web, and it lines up with everything we’ve seen before – and a lot of what we’re expecting to see – though there are still questions being asked.

The leak comes to us from TK Tech News, which has been hit-or-miss but relatively accurate with previous Motorola leaks (like the one where the Moto Luge was brought to light). The leak itself unfortunately doesn’t tell us as much as we’d like, but we do get a few critical bits of information. First of all, that Motorola logo dimple on the back is apparently a power button, and its’ color is supposedly customizable through Moto Maker.

The flash is apparently part of the camera itself, as a plastic tube that goes around the main sensor. Speaking of that camera, this leak says that it will have optical image stabilization abilities.

The X+1 pictured in this video is apparently made of a bamboo material with an aluminum trim, and it sure looks that way. It seems logical that those two things could be customized through Moto Maker as well.

Hopping on into the software, the thing we most care about is an app called Moto Aware, which looks to show up as just “Moto” on the home screen. Details are scarce on exactly what this thing does, but it’s speculated that the sensors on the front of the phone could be related to it – another of TK Tech News‘s sources says that the sensors are used for a 3D-like effect similar to the one on the Fire Phone, so we’re hearing conflicting reports here.

Finally, Moto Maker options are seemingly confirmed. TK Tech News says that they were able to confirm build materials “Such as Aluminum frame, Wood, Plastic, Leather, Denim, and yes a later edition will be ALL CARBON FIBER, (This reportedly is a VERIZON Exlusive for the holidays).” Based on this, we’re assuming that leather and denim options will be available through Moto Maker from the get-go.

Source: TK Tech News


Asus ZenWatch named in latest pre-launch video

With roughly a week to go before Asus unveils its first smartwatch, we finally have a name to associate with the device. Thanks to a video released by the hardware maker we can now look forward to learning about the ZenWatch. The short clip does provide some teasing glimpses at the watch but we’re still… Read more »

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Five essential back to school apps for iOS (Video)

For many of you, the new school year is just beginning. Others have just a few days or weeks before they’re back in the classroom, as well.

Fortunately, the transition back into the school year doesn’t have to be so hard. Education and productivity applications are available in droves. There are literally hundreds of note taking applications, task list managers, calendar apps, and more. There are even applications where you can go to ask questions about your homework, or knowledge engines to reference, right from your phone.

If you’re after help inside or out of the classroom, we have a nice little helping of overpowered, extremely useful back to school apps for iOS! Watch the below video and tell us what your essential schooling apps are in the comments!


Samsung teases Galaxy Note 4 in minute-long video trailer

This year’s IFA, as we now know, is going to be a bombastic one – if you don’t believe me, just look at the event invites from Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, Asus, Huawei, HTC, and LG, and you’ll be convinced. To stand out from the rest of the crowd from an event like this, OEMs really need to have a good product to show, and Samsung certainly thinks it does in its new Galaxy Note 4 teaser video.

The video centers quite a bit around the fact that the Galaxy Note series of Android smartphones first brought Samsung’s Wacom-powered S Pen into the world, and that this was a “truly notable innovation.” The video ends with a simple “ready to note?” question with the date of the press event emblazoned under it, ending without spilling the beans on the phone itself.

It’s unclear whether this means Samsung has another S Pen-class innovation to show off with the Note 4 – we’ve already heard that the company may be trying out a new form factor with this phone, so that may be it – but we’re nevertheless excited to share with you the news from the press conference when the time comes.


Samsung YouTube video touts handwriting in Galaxy Note 4 teaser


Samsung, excited about its upcoming Unpacked event, has begun teasing its big reveal. A new video hitting YouTube called [Ready to Note?] Your Note for Handwriting highlights all of the benefits of writing things down instead of typing them out. We also see a number of ways in which writing can be implemented. Near the end we’re shown people using the stylus with their Samsung Galaxy Note devices and then we’re asked if we’re ready to note.

Aside from its size, one of the key features of the Galaxy Note experience is the stylus. Improved with each generation of the device, we’re anxious to see what’s new for the next model.

Samsung’s Unpacked event is scheduled for September 3 and we’ll be on the ground in New York. Be sure to check back for our early impressions and takeaway from the announcements.


Vemory Launches Automatic Video Creation Platform on iOS

Vemory has announced the launch of its photo organization and video creation platform on iOS devices, which works to automatically organize photos from a user’s camera roll and social network profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr). Once organized, the app automatically gives soundtracks to groups of themed images and presents them to users as videos that can be shared with friends, or on the app’s included social platform.

When starting Vemory, users can connect to as many social networks as they’d like, or can start with the images on their device’s camera roll. Using time, location and popularity data (from social media), the app automatically organizes images into videos based on outings, parties and other life events. Did you go to a birthday party and post a lot of pictures to Facebook? The app would recognize this isolated event, and automatically aggregate these pictures into a music video.

This initial formation process can take some time, depending on the number of services connected and the amount of content available therein. The app separates content based not only on individual dates, but may present users with a video for the “Best Photos of All Time,” or the “Best Photos of 2012,” depending on likes and comments on Facebook, for instance. Elsewhere, the app may present videos for users typically tagged in a user’s images, a location someone may have traveled to on vacation, tagged events like fairs, and so on.


While videos may be automatically formed and animated, users have control over the final products they share with others. This includes options for removing imported comments, or adding or removing entire images to / from groups, as well as the ability to choose from a variety of templates, or themes for the video. A “linear” theme, for instance, presents large versions of pictures with associated text comments presented on a timeline at the bottom of the video. Meanwhile, a “floating” theme presents images on rotating cubes floating in the sky.

Users can choose the song clips that play alongside videos as well, previewing as many combinations as they’d like until the video is just right. Of course, users may not wish to take the time to edit their content, and can instead quickly post with the defaults the app has chosen itself.

Completed videos can be shared with other users within the app, or to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Projects can also be shared via email or text message.

As a social platform, Vemory users can follow others, view their content and “like” or comment on posted projects.

“We created Vemory to provide the easiest way for you to enjoy pictures you love and also the favorite moments you may have forgotten all about,” said CEO Hunter Powell. “Vemory looks through all your pictures and comments and builds an album from your last trip, honeymoon, birthday parties, dinner with friends or any other favorite memories. It’s not just building photo albums, it’s intelligently building your favorite memories from your favorite social apps and camera roll.”

Vemory is available to download for free on iOS devices.

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Kyocera Brigadier durability test: scratching up a sapphire smartphone (Video)

It’s one of the top buzzwords of the year in mobile technology: the sapphire screen. More appropriately called a sapphire crystal display, its remarkability lies not in clarity or resolution or thumb-feel … but in saving us from our oafish, clumsy-handed selves.

Sapphire crystal is hard, see – harder than anything on the good ‘ole Mohs hardness scale except diamond (as we discussed in a piece last year on why sapphire is awesome). And since we don’t generally carry diamonds in our pockets on the regular, the thinking goes that a sapphire screen would be harder than anything that could potentially scratch it – such as the quartz of beach sand, avowed nemesis of glass smartphone displays everywhere.

It’s thinking like this which led GT Advanced Technologies to acquire the sapphire production facility we toured last year, thinking like this which has fueled endless speculation about just why Apple recently bought a sapphire production facility of its very own. But the first sapphire screen-packing smartphone to arrive in our review labs comes not from Apple but from Kyocera, and it comes with sapphire crystal not from GT Crystal Systems, but from Kyocera itself.


It’s the Kyocera Brigadier, a rugged smartphone for Verizon Wireless featuring MIL-STD 810G and IP68 durability, a Snapdragon 400 processor backed up by 2GB of RAM, and a 4.5″ 720p display protected by a single sheet of Kyocera’s very own synthetic sapphire crystal.

The company was so confident about its scratch-resistant display protection that it even sent along a testing kit with the Brigadier –a smartphone torture set of sorts– containing everything from steel wool to coins to knives to honest-to-God rocks, all of it begging … no, daring us to test it.

And test it we did.

kyocera brigadier testing kit

Did we manage to scratch the very first sapphire screen we’ve ever laid hands on? You bet we did – but while you might be disappointed to learn that it took no diamonds to accomplish that feat, you’ll be glad (or at least entertained) to see just how much grief we had to give the Brigadier to earn those scratches.

Join us, then, for our Kyocera Brigadier torture test below. And if you want a refresher on just how synthetic sapphire screens come into being, we’ve embedded our GT Crystal Systems tour down at the bottom as well, in case you’re in a learning mood. Enjoy!

How to scratch a sapphire screen